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Walk of the essential

This is a very special time when we can all "turn off" the mind and when we can freelly enjoy a real "natural break". This will allow the body and the mind to totallly regenerate at all level!


The "walk of the essential" is created with many precise steps : it is composed with a mixed of specific body exercise, deep breathing techniques, relaxation methods with some special meditations. And all of this "cocktail" is performed outdoor with music!

During this process, the body cleanses itself from all the mental tensions and all the physical toxins. It frees itself from its daily tiredness. A real time of surrender is activated with softness thanks to all the benefits from the natural elements (natural colors, specific smells, great amount of chlorophyll and oxygen...). We do reconnect with a true peace within and a brand new serenity. New fresh energies are available for the mind and the body! Thus a real deep regeneration process is definitely activated during this wonderful walk!



This is the description in a few words of this kind of walk. I hope that it can give you an idea of this original concept of "the essential". But truly, it is really when you do experience it that you feel the effect at all level of your body! That's why I can only encourage you to come and try it !

It is truly an interesting moment and a very useful time to discover nowdays for all of us!