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The great healing power of hands

Through decades, human beings have acknowledged the power of hands and used their hands to soothe, relieve pain and heal thanks to magnetism and vibratory qualities. Nowdays, manual and natural techniques are more than necessary because they can help us to reconnect with our true self. Living in a  time where technology and indutrialisation are overused, simplicity becomes a mandatory obligation and natural manual energetic treatments are really helpful and truly efficient !



Different possibilities of treatments

From a simple relaxing massage or a lymph drainage to a deep harmonizing energy session, all my years of experiences allow me to create a specific treatment that respond to your unique needs of the moment. Thus, you may discover one time a great relaxing massage or a lymph drainage and a reiki session at the following appointment...



Pure organic beauty facials

In my concept The Essence of Beauty, I also offer some specific beauty facials 100% natural and 100% manual ! They are based on a real personalisation of your treatment and the assesment of your skin type. Once more, simplicity and good quality products can create miracles !